Invigor Health

We established Invigor Health because we believe that physiotherapy and chiropractic care is so much more than massage, back cracks and pain management.

We see it as a powerful tool to take care of your health, holistically and for the long-term.

Our approach is founded on real-world experience and a deep knowledge of physiotherapy, chiropractic, functional fitness and therapeutic exercise.

No snake oil remedies and no hype. Just personalised, practical treatment that actually delivers on its promise.

At Invigor Health takes a prevention-focused approach to our physiotherapy and chiropractic services.
Armed with sophisticated diagnostic tools, we can:

1. Pinpoint the cause of your pain
2. Devise a personalised targeted treatment strategy that actually works
3. Help you future-proof your body so it doesn’t reoccur.


Save 30% on Initial appointment – Physiotherapy and Chiropractic services

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